Monday, September 28, 2009


Does anyone not know how to do applesauce?

During part of the fruit stand chaos, I found some time to do some applesauce. This is how it turned out:

The space at the bottom is all the extra juice - you just stir it up when you open the jar and it is totally fine and yummy. (I've had a lot of people ask about it when they saw it sitting on my cupboard.)
This year, I used some apples called summer red apples - they are a softer apple, so they cook down pretty quickly, and they were so sweet and yummy, I hardly added any sugar at all. I really prefer to use "free" apples from someone's tree, but these were available and needed using and I didn't pay much for them, so for future reference - Summer Red apples are great for applesauce!

Do I need to add instructions on how to make applesauce?

NOTE: I use my steamer/juicer to cook the apples down - then I don't have to worry about burning my apples! Then I just mix the apple juice back into the sauce (most of it).

I love fall and harvesting!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reasons why...

...I forgot to blog? to seem to be missing in action?

This is the main reason: I have been running my own fruit / produce stand out of my garage. Below are pictures of our biggest week- we had 11 pallets of fruit delivered - if I remember correctly. Tons of peaches, pears, nectarines, pluots, apples and more. The crazy thing - I tried to do most of it myself. However, I did have help this week- thank goodness - and since then.
It has been an adventure and one we will do again next year. We have also been involved in the Rexburg Farmer's Market every Friday evening. (The last day for the market will be Oct. 9 - so if you are local, don't forget to come for two more weeks.)

I just ordered my last "big" order and got it last Thursday. So, things are winding down - I'll be able to blog better on the other thing that have been going on. (Like things I've baked and canned and new things I've tried.) I know lots of the things to come would have been more helpful a few weeks ago, but maybe it will give you inspiration for next year. We can only hope!

Talk to you again soon.

Good times - and good memories of these last several weeks.


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