Friday, October 29, 2010

New Spelt Cookie Mixes!

I am SO excited about these. I have been developing the recipes and getting the perfect Idaho grown ingredients for these mixes for about 6 months and we now have them ready for you to purchase and bake in your own kitchen!

Quick thought: Need a good idea for a gift? These are perfect! And Christmas is just around the corner. (How is the shopping going?)

Both of these cookie mixes are made with Idaho-grown hard white wheat, spelt, sugar and flaxseed. Plus - we used whole flour and whole flaxseed! (Increase your fiber, Omega-3s, and protein intake for the day.) They are tasty and soft and chewy and you can add your own delightful indulgences (chocolate chips, raisins, toffee chips, or whatever you like). There are two different mixes you can now purchase on my website or at my house. Chocolate Cookie Mix or Oatmeal Cookie Mix. The cost is only $6.00/mix and will make at least three to four dozen cookies (depending on the size you scoop them to be). I consistently get at least three and a half dozen cookies.

Each cookie mix is easy to make - just add eggs and butter, (and chocolate chips or raisins or something), mix and bake. I've sampled these around the farmer's market, at different parties I've gone to, and several different events, and I've consistently gotten rave reviews. They are a delightful and almost addicting cookie! It isn't fun to eat just one.

I'd love to hear your review. Purchase a mix and let me know what you think. (Or catch up with me at one of the upcoming craft fairs where I will be featuring these new healthy cookie mixes as well as cookie samples.)

You can find the cookie mixes here:  J's Spelt Cookie Mix

Talk to you soon.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Family Applesauce

Hi. I wanted to post this to show you how much fun we had doing applesauce, recently. I don't think I touched the "turner" on the strainer. My kids had so much fun doing it, I could just focus on other parts of the process. We had good success and did only 5 batches of sauce!

So, make canning a fun family activity - as much as you can. My kids look forward to making applesauce because there are so many things they can help with!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Parade of Giveaways Winner!

Congratulations to Mel whose comment said:
Blogger Mel said...
I love to add flax seed to my yogurt, but it looks like I should be adding it to almost everything! I'm excited to have found your blog...I have a dozen or so that I check up on with food storage. Enter me into your drawing!
September 29, 2010 9:34 PM
Mel, I need your information (starting with email address) so please email me at to claim your prize.
Thank you to all who participated for all your comments and wonderful suggestions! I loved reading ALL of them and learning from you as well. I hope you will continue to come back and share your knowledge about food storage and promote our business as we do our best to promote building food storage and being prepared.
Thanks again - and until next time... happy storing!


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