Monday, February 28, 2011

Spelt Sourdough

Hi. I need to tell you about my friend's website. They buy spelt from us and have been making spelt sourdough. I haven't tried the recipe - I need to find a good sourdough starter... but I really wanted to share with you their recipe. I'm going to just share the link so they get the credit for the excellent bread recipe and the photos. I appreciate their little plug for our spelt, too... so go here to get the goods:

We have a unique product variety of spelt - in that it is specifically made for baking. It really breaks down easier in your body and is softer - you could snack on it! And doesn't act like hard red wheat like some other varieties of spelt.

For more information on our spelt - check out our website at

Now - go check out the sourdough recipe.


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