Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring into Summer Open House Party Announcement

Come one, come all - we are having a party! Well, an open house, really. On Tuesday. Tomorrow.

We will have vendors for jewelry, scentsy wickless candles, Dairy Maid Skin Creams, wheat, spelt & flaxseed, and possibly some fun baby accessories. And who knows what else will show up. It is like a mini craft fair... Plus, we will be featuring ME for a quick bread demonstration on rolls and bread type desserts! Who doesn't love bread and dessert in the same sentence?!?

We will also tell you all about the excellent deals on food and you can sign up to receive alerts for our fruit stand - when we get new fruit and excellent deals!

It is going to be fun and casual, so email me at if you want more details (like time and directions).

It will be fun... I am totally excited and getting ready for it today (and tomorrow).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hooray for Food Storage!

Is anyone getting excited for gardening and harvesting and then canning that food?

I am getting WAY excited! We don't plant much around here for another week or two in our gardens (we live in a colder zone), but I have seeds ready - more things than I usually plant- and I bought lots of canning pamphlets for my friends and neighbors.

We are planning to run a fruit stand this summer here at my house. We will have loads of fruits, and vegetables available for people to eat or bottle or whatever. So, if you don't live in Idaho, I can send you this canning pamphlet (for a minimal fee, of course) - it is my best reference for canning that I have used for years.

There are three pamphlets that I use... one for fruit, one for vegetables, and one for tomatoes. It is easy to read and follow instructions and I refer to it every year to refresh my memory of canning. Plus there is an easy reference table in the back on how to prepare the food and then how long to process each type of food.

I'm getting excited - practically giddy about summer and food, gardening and this fruit stand!
Look forward to out fruit stand....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Food Storage Room Make-over!

I updated my fruit room (a.k.a. food storage room) Saturday and today (Monday). I am so happy!! One entire wall was lined with several unused doors, wood scraps, and other random items. And these random items were blocking a couple of feet shelving in the corner that held lots of my empty jars for canning.
To fix it, I used two of the doors as shelves. I used cinder blocks to prop up the bottom shelf and as you can see, I wanted to maximize available space, on both shelves, so I used those shelf hangers (can't think of their real name right now) to hang the upper shelf. This is my new "store" area for my HiStakes-Spelt store inventory, leaving more room on the other shelves for my personal storage!
I am so happy to have maximized more space in my house (especially in this room).
Beneath the first bottom shelf, I have the small boxes of wood scraps so they are still accessible for whatever project we need them for.

And below - enough room to access all of my canning jars in the corner. I love it.
I'm not sure the picture does the space justice, but I'm posting it anyway.

p.s. Sorry there is no "before" picture. I just got ambitious and did it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Food Storage Binder Give Away

My blog friends over at Food Storage Made Easy have created this cool binder that they are going to give away - actually, they will give away 10 of them! Want to be one of the ten? The rules for entry are on their site: Food Storage Made Easy

It will be the perfect combination of functional and cute, I'm sure. (Knowing them it really will be - wink, wink.)

Here is the list of things they said will be inside the binder:

  • Instructions for how to make it cute and functional, exactly like ours!
  • ALL 26 BabyStep Checklists (no more waiting for the next list!)
  • 100 pages of detailed information about each of the ten BabySteps
  • Our very best posts, handouts, and extra information
  • All the spreadsheets and documents you need to plan your 3 Month and Long Term Food Storage without needing a computer
  • Recipe Appendix including all 33 recipes that we encourage you to try out in the Checklists
  • Sections for additional research and personal notes to be added in
  • Cute cover pages and dividers (because you know we have to make it fun)
I love easy and helpful all in one spot - great idea to get it all in one binder!

Don't forget to enter their give-away before Thursday. Here is their site: - and even if you don't win, it is totally worth visiting their site and learning all about their easy tips. Or they will have this awesome binder for sale as a downloadable book.

Check it out at Food Storage Made Easy!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bosch Sale - for a limited time

Have you seen this deal? If you are looking for a decent deal on a Bosch Universal Plus machine - this could be it.

plus this:

plus a free Bosch Cookbook equals a total of $155.00 in savings!

Your cost? Only $399.99 for the Bosch Universal, the Blender, the Cookbook, and free shipping.

Go here: Universal Plus Deal to order yours today. The sale only lasts until April 15.

Oh, did I need to convince you how wonderful the Bosch Universal Plus machines really are?

Let me keep it brief and just say this - I will NOT use anything else to make (knead) my bread. This is my favorite kitchen machine that has the warranty, the durability, and a powerful motor to boot. It is worth every penny of the investment because it will last! (Think of handing it down to your grandchildren some day.) If you want to learn more, click over to my website and read about all the wonderful features the on the Bosch Universal Plus.

Don't delay. Sales don't last forever. (To get yours, click here: Universal Plus)


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