Friday, March 20, 2009

BYU-I Home and Family Conference

Have you heard about this?

If you are at all close to Rexburg, Idaho, you might want to consider going to this "Preparedness Fair" tomorrow, March 21, 2009 starting registration at 8:00 am and classes go until 2:30. You can look it up online at for the schedule of classes- there is a fee for going, but I think it will totally be worth it.

I am hoping I get to go to the "Cooking with Wheat" class and I would love to go to the "Food Preservation - A Family Affair: Canning, Hot and Cold Packing, Pressure Cooking, Freezing, and Drying" as well as the "Manage Your Finances Before They Manage You" classes.

They have over 40 classes for you to choose from. They encourage community patrons - even couples to go and learn. It looks like so much fun and so informative. Check it out and get registered tonight online so you can go and enjoy your day tomorrow.

Hope to see you there.

Here is the link one more time:


Adrienne said...

I got this flyer and thought about going. To much else to do that day...bummer. It would have been fun to go together.

foodstr2 said...

Drat, I'm too far away! (in Texas)

Unknown said...

I was able to attend and it was fabulous! I didn't see anything about this in my Ward, but my Mom's Ward heavily advertised it. I got a lot of good info!!


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