Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shopping for Health

The other day I was grocery shopping and remembered I wanted to buy some more cornmeal. (My friend gave me this great homemade cornbread recipe!) I haven't bought very much cornmeal in my life, so I was reading the labels to see what the difference was. Most of the cornmeal I found said something like bran and germ have been removed.



I suppose most foods do have the germ and bran removed from them so they can sit on the shelf longer - but didn't anyone include the germ and bran in their cornmeal? I know that food is healthier for you if you have germ and bran included - it is the actual WHOLE grain form of the food. Whole grains are good for your body, especially when you include the germ and bran in the mix.

I searched and searched and ended up just grabbing one. They all read about the same.

So, I walked down the baking aisle a little more and happened upon a section of Bob's Red Mill packages. Well, lo and behold, Bob had a fine ground cornmeal that had the germ and bran milled with it and was not removed! I was so happy!!

Bob's Red Mill Corn Meal won. I went and put the other cornmeal back and bought Bob's. And you know, the price wasn't much different for the whole cornmeal than for the stripped cornmeal.

I'll go for health. Thanks, Bob.


Erin said...

Bob's Red Mill is awesome! I'm glad you found some cornmeal that is healthy too!

Lynn said...

Did you know you can just take dried unpopped corn kernals and just grind in your mill? It makes the sweetest and best tasting corn meal, if you grind on one of the course settings. Try out different settings for different textures. We store pop corn in pails for fresh corn meal whenever we need it. Much cheaper too!

Blessed Mama said...

I have friend that had the same problem when she was looking for cornmeal.She ended up using her grinder to make cornmeal out popping corn and said it was fantastic! :)I have not tried this yet but I plan to when I finally save up enough to buy a grinder of my own.

Mike in Virginia said...

I have a NutriMill and I use it for grinding both wheat and popcorn, which I buy in 50-lb bags. The corn meal usually ends up in corn bread, baked in my 40 year-old iron skillet, but last night my neighbor "borrowed" some fresh-ground corn meal for her hushpuppies. Yum. It's tough to beat fresh-ground corn meal.

In terms of pre-packaged food, Bob's Red Mill is good stuff. Since I don't yet have a small grinder for oily seeds, I have used his ground flax seed for my bread recipe and have been very happy with it.

Anonymous said...

You can also use Field corn/Deer corn/Feed corn. I contacted Walton Feed and they confirmed that corn is corn......the only difference is price. Walton charges around $20ish and our local feed store charges $6.00.....it'll make it easier since you can not store corn meal for long term storage.
Sheri Trowell-Young


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