Friday, March 23, 2012

Emergency Preparedness Food Comparison Chart

I had a gentleman send me a link to a new info-graph he made up. I thought it was interesting and thought I'd share.


 I hope it is big enough for you to make out the wording and all... maybe you can zoom in. (It helped me to read it by putting it in my print preview screen. I didn't actually print it - I just pretended I was going to, but I was able to adjust the image to the size I needed it to read it.)

Anyway, what do you think? is it handy to have all this information in one place? 
If you want to learn more about some good emergency preparedness information, you can find their website here:

Thanks! Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...


Practical Parsimony said...

I cannot read the chart from the UK company. I cannot enlarge it by any means to a size I can read. It is not on the company website and they have email for ordering only. I really don't think they need all my information. Can you find this chart in a usable size. I have spent enough time on it.

JC Refuge said...

This is a great representation of different food storage options. Really gives you a broader perspective of all the issues to consider when deciding which type of food to buy

garage equipment said...

I pretty understand how you work well because you were able to present us a very perspective thing that we can do in our foods. Lots of thanks for this.


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