Monday, September 1, 2008

Fresh Peaches and Pears

Hello again. I decided to get peaches and pears for canning - anyone want some? I'm getting them for such a deal and would love to share.

Most people are selling them for at least $17-$24/ half bushel box. (Half bushel is about 24 lbs)
I can get them and sell them for $12/ half bushel.

Then I am also able to get pears for a deal, too. $13.50/ half bushel.

If you want them, I will deliver (meet you) anywhere from Boise to Rexburg, Idaho.

I am needing to go this week, so don't delay. I will place the order on Wednesday and go get them on Friday. Contact me on my business phone: 208-390-0595 or email:

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