Wednesday, December 31, 2008

food storage talk and new to twitter

I was just analyzing my food storage. Wondering what I needed to stock up on again for a few months. Somehow, December was a good month and I put away quite a bit more food than I thought I would. I got my fats - shortening, oils, and cooking sprays - built up again. The stock isn't huge, I don't want them to go rancid, but I've got enough to last me until spring at least. That is a good feeling.

It is a great time to take inventory and assess what you need at this time in anticipation of a New Year.

What sorts of things are you succeeding at and what things do you need to focus on?

I need some dry powdered milk in my storage. (Just in case I find a good recipe that calls for powdered milk. I don't think I could ever drink the stuff straight.)

Happy New Year!!

And I just joined Twitter - feel free to follow me. (Click on the link in the top right corner.)


foodstr2 said...

We've got long term storage powdered milk, if you're interested.

Also a pretty good automatic food planner. See

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Hey....if you need powdered milk, check out Also, you can use the code save15 to save 15% at checkout!

Kallie said...

i want a free bread class. do you do house calls?

Jamie said...

Kallie - I can do house calls - do you have friends that will participate, too?


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