Monday, December 1, 2008

FREE Bread Classes Available

I've decided to teach {FREE} bread classes to all who want to come and refine their bread techniques, or who want to learn about different kinds of wheat, grinders and flour, or who just need a social outing!

Wanna come?

We just had a class last week. We had a LOT of fun and learned lots of tricks. It was a hands-on class, so you know how to "feel" when the bread is ready when you try this at home. It was a totally custom class. We chose to work with hard red wheat and spelt. We learned to make bread and then voted to make cinnamon rolls with the extra. We swapped recipes, talked and shopped while the bread rose and then when the cinnamon rolls were done baking, we each got to eat one.
They were DELICIOUS!!

More classes are available upon request.
I have a few scheduled and would be happy to work something out to fit your schedule.

It is a lot of fun and I hope you'll join us for a class sometime soon.


Melodee said...

I had a lot of fun in my class today! thank you for inviting me. I learned a lot and got some great info.

Jamie said...

thanks for your comment, Melodee. Class was fun!

Cassie said...

Where do you hold the bread class at?

Jamie said...

typically they are held at my home in Sugar City, Idaho. Where are you at? I sometimes can travel to do a class - under certain circumstances (you provide a class for me to teach and depends on how far away you are).


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