Sunday, March 8, 2009

Get your Garden Seeds Now!

I've heard on NPR and in the commodities news that already seed sales are and up and flowers sales are down. People are more interested in filling in empty gaps in their flower beds with extra fruits & veggies than with expensive filler plants this year due to the economic changes. This may or may not be the case (I haven't been tracking this that closely), but it does make sense. Also, I've heard through the grapevine that since California has had so many fires, their crops are not expected to have great yields this year. Normal things like lettuces & fruits may be very pricey this summer when they'd normally have "in season" prices. Just something to think about.

So, when you see seeds on sale at your local stores & nurseries, get them early this year, just in case. You never know if they'll run out of stock and be able to get more. Plus, if you've ever wanted to try gardening, make this year "your" year and start learning how to grow some of your own food! If you don't have outside space, look into container gardening, there are many things you can do if you have limited space.

Another great item for your food storage!

I've been wanting to get some garden seeds for my food storage for some time now and I finally got some. These will last a long time in the can and it's got a fabulous variety. I heard a caller on AM radio this week saying that "food" is probably the most worthwhile investment you can make right now", he was half joking but half right on the money in my opinion!

I know spring hasn't sprung yet, but it will before we know it, especially if we're not prepared. So start planning your gardening plans early, it will give you something to look forward to (if you live in cold, windy & dreary Idaho this time of year)!


Adrienne said...

Great posts! I gave you an award on my blog!

Jamie said...

Awesome post! One thing - where do you get the endless garden in a can? or did you do that yourself?

Unknown said...

I ordered it from Mark Richardson, he has a local AM show and gets lots of good food storage deals. I got a fabulous deal @ $15/can!

Maybe my next post should be a "shout out" to him, you can sign up to receive monthly specials! Anyone interested?

Jamie said...

I'm interested in good places online or locally in Idaho where to get good seed... if you have ideas, let us know about them... and what all comes in the can? I can't read the type very well.
(Yeah - do that as your next post - that would be great!)

chu33la said...

I would love to hear about this as well. I'm not a local but if I can order online, I'm up for that.

Anonymous said...

would love to hear about the monthly specials! Thanks, Lorie

Anonymous said...

I found the can at provident living but the price said $39.99. How did you get it for only $15? VERY interested!


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