Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sweet and Spicy Chicken (with secret ingredients)

Where do I start?!? (I think I forgot how to blog!) I apologize for my blogging absence. (I have written several blogs in my head that never made it to your view. Oops.)

First, we have been swamped with running a bit of a local fruit stand and participating in our local (Rexburg) Farmer's Market. After working with that most of the week, and going to pick up fruit across the state one day a week, I am generally wiped out.

However, since I have been thinking and preparing things to write, I will attempt to share some wonderful ideas with you that I've been working on...

One of the yummy fruits we have been getting is apricots. They are about done now, but for those of you who still have access to apricots or have apricot jam in your food storage wondering how to rotate your food in good time, here is a yummy way to use your jam - aside from the typical toast and jam idea.

Recipe for Sweet and Spicy Chicken

Note: I got the picture from my sister's food/recipe blog. Check it out for more "in-process" pictures and ideas for foods and leave her a comment for me. Click here for her blog: Taste The Joy

Cut 2 uncooked chicken breasts in ½ inch squares. Toss with 3 TBS taco seasoning. Brown in oil.


1 to 1¼ C Salsa

½ to ¾ C peach or apricot jam

Simmer together and serve over rice.


This recipe is almost too easy to make and it tastes so incredibly good. It is one of my favorites.
(Look for other ideas coming soon.)

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