Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Augason Farms - Part 2: Biscuits

I need to report on the Biscuit Mix that Augason Farms sent me a while ago. I found my pictures, so I am ready to report!
I wanted to make biscuits and gravy. It took me no time at all (hardly) to prepare the "top secret" dough recipe they have printed on the side of the can. You just add water and baking powder to the mix and stir it up. The consistency was easy to get and they rolled out very nicely as you can see here. I even used my best biscuit cutter (a small glass). =)Biscuits

 Here they are - thrown onto a baking sheet.
 My baby was so excited he watched them bake the ENTIRE time they were in the oven!
 Here they are just fresh out of the oven. Aren't they beautiful - and golden brown, no less!
 I didn't fold them over during the dough stage to create an easy open after they were baked, but they still split nicely. The biscuits weren't dry and crumbly, they had a wonderful consistency! And I ate a few by themselves - nothing on them - and the flavor was very good - how a buttermilk biscuit should taste!
 We spiced things up with a little sausage gravy:
 And here is the plate full of food: biscuits and gravy with eggs on the side. It was a wonderful meal!
Result: Easy to make, tastes great and I will continue to use the biscuit mix from Augason Farms.

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Jack O'Sullivan said...

This looks pretty good, surprisingly. I bought some veggies from Augason Farms and didn't love how they came. I found a couple other sites that I like to buy things from. Check them out and let me know what you think on their products.

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