Friday, October 17, 2008

Apple Juice

More canning of apples:

Today's Show and Tell: Apple Juice

My favorite part of these pictures is the color variance. Isn't it cool how much the colors can change depending on the batch of apples and the variety we used? Isn't it pretty?

I think we ended up with 3 very distinct colors of juice.

CONFESSION: This is the first time I have EVER bottled apple juice - or any juice for that matter. It was SOOO--- easy! Why haven't I done this before? It only takes 10 minutes in a water bath canner (a.k.a cold pack canner?)

And why did I have so much juice, you ask?
From the day we made applesauce. I used my juicer and put some of the juice back into my applesauce, but still had tons left over. We had some nice, juicy apples, I guess.

(Did you watch the one minute long Johnny Appleseed clip? "...The Lord is good to me..."


Kallie said...

i think YOU are the pioneer woman, (not to discount the pioneer woman) good job J -- very pretty food.

Jamie said...

thanks, Kallie


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