Saturday, October 18, 2008

Apple Pie Filling

My boys asked me if they could help me put away the apple pie filling.
"No, not yet," I replied.
Then the oldest said, "Oh, you have to take more pictures?"
"Yes, I have to take more pictures." =)

He knows the program. I have to take pictures to prove how pretty everything is and that it is so completely possible to do. And I love to have show and tell with my blog and blogger friends.

(What am I going to blog about when I am done blogging about canning? I'll have to get creative until next year?)

So, here is the apple pie filling:

Pretty, huh? I love looking at the beautiful apple slices in there.

I always blog when I am completely busy or completely tired. Today, I'm tired and hope my blogging isn't lacking too much of wit or information. I apologize if it is. I'll be more awake after we complete the potato harvest. At least that is the goal --- only one more day to go? (We are praying and hoping to finish on Saturday, probably really late and early into the morning.)

I'll post the actual recipe later. Watch for it.


Karen said...

Could you tell me how you made your apple juice - did you cook the apples or just peel them and put them in a juicer without cooking them.

Jamie said...

I will make a new post about it shortly... thanks for asking and for the inspiration for a new blog post.


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