Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Grain Mills: VitalMill vs. NutriMill

Have you heard of the new VitalMill? It has been around for a few months, I'm just slow at talking about it. Since it is still relatively new, I decided to do a little comparison for you between the "new guy" and the "favored unit." If you are looking at grain mills, this is a must read.

The VitalMill:

The Nutrimill:
Are you ready for the comparison so you can become an expert and thus know which grain mill best fits your needs? Here goes!

First, the VitalMill features:
  • VitalMill grinds non-oily grain (wheat, rye, spelt, millet, rice, corn, beans, quinoa, amaranth & oats
  • 20 cup bowl capacity
  • Strong, durable stainless steel milling heads
  • Self cleaning chamber
  • Free-flow air design. It will not overheat.
  • Hopper extension for larger capacity and quieter milling
  • Wide opening access mill lid
  • Easy grip handle
  • Clog free - no gumming, no jamming, no plugging
  • ETL approval (US & Canada)
  • 5 year warranty

Now the NutriMill features:
  • Nutrimill grinds wheat (both hard and soft), oats, rice, triticale, kamut, spelt, dried pinto beans, popcorn, split peas, buckwheat, barley, rye, millet, sorghum, dried mung beans and soybeans!
  • Over 20 cup bowl capacity (largest available)
  • Ergonomically designed control knobs and bowl handles for safe and easy use
  • 1:1 ratio for milling grain into flour: fill the hopper once and get a bowl full of fresh flour!
  • TruTrack (tm) bowl locking system - connects right every time
  • Patent Pending TruFeed (tm) - precision grain flow control
  • Easy grip hopper lid for easy access and quieter operation
  • World's first variable, high speed mill motor
  • # 3xAirFlow (tm) - for improved motor cooling and longer mill life
  • Improved texture control - from fine flour to cereal grain
  • Nutrimill can be turned on with grain already in the hopper, and can even be switched off and back on again with grain still in the milling chamber without plugging!
  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty: This great warranty includes the Nutrimill's stainless steel milling heads!
So there are the basics. It has also been noted that the VitalMill is still quite noisy - especially compared to the NutriMill, however, if you are on a budget, get some earplugs, and the VitalMill will do a very nice job at milling your flour.

Until next time,
Happy shopping.

p.s. And to see more grain mills or to purchase on of these (on sale now in time for Christmas) check out our Grain Mills page:


Nathan said...

Thanks Jamie, I'm looking at buying a wheat grinder for my wife and I think I may have to go with the VitalMill even though the NutriMill looks a little nicer, just maybe not $70 nicer.

RufflesAndFringe said...

Thanks so much for this information. I am currently in the market for a wheat grinder and there isn't a lot of information out there for the VitalMill.

Nettester71 said...

thank you. I am also comparing and saving for one and trying to figure out one that will last and be the best for our family. May mean I save longer, but that is okay.

Unknown said...

I would HIGHLY recommend NOT purchasing a Vitalmill - it generates noise on par with the loudest woodworking equipment. I wouldn't consider using it without ear protection, which I keep in the kitchen for grinding wheat.

I have the Nutrimill and the Vitalmill, and the Nutrimill's noise levels are very tolerable while grinding. And as mentioned, the Nutrimill can be started with grains in the hopper. It might be useful to shop for other models, as my Nutrimills have been problematic. Two have died catastrophic deaths from grinding popcorn, which is now exclusively ground in the Vitalmill. And the bowl to motor seal is poor, and often does not contact properly allowing dust to escape. And rarely have I needed such a large capacity, as usually I grind what is necessary for baking. But otherwise, a decent machine.


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