Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dry Pack Canning

My sister-in-law got use of a dry pack canner the other day, so I took advantage and borrowed it for a minute to pack some oats and popcorn. (Shown in pictures is the packing of oats.)

First we filled the 10# cans full... we used the red bucket to easily catch whatever we spilled.

Oxygen packs were placed to keep the product fresh.

Next come the lidsThis is how we seal the lid on the cans - with this great canner machine. It spins around and seals the lid on.

Here is the final product - labels and all. Great, huh? I'm happy to have a few extra things in storage and safely packaged.
Have you ever used a dry pack canner before?


Anonymous said...

I haven't ever used a dry pack canner but it looks so easy! I definitely want to try it as I get more into building my long term storage items.

Melodee said...

I have dry packed before and enjoy it. I plan on doing more in the future.

Here is a recipe for Chinese fried wheat.

cook it in the crockpot overnight (2 cups water for 1 cup wheat on low overnight) and keep the "berries" in the fridge

3 cups cooked cold wheat berries
1/4 lb. finely diced ham or bacon
4 green onions sliced or 1 medium onion minced
3/4 tsp salt (I omitted this)
2 Tbsp. soy sauce
2 eggs

place meat in hot heavy skillet and stir-fry about 5 minutes until browned and cooked thoroughly. Add oil, wheat, green onions, salt and soy sauce. Cook and stir until heated through. Hollow a center in the wheat and break in eggs. Scramble until eggs are cooked, then stir into the balance of the mixture.

Unknown said...

I have rented the can sealer from the cannery several times. I try to get to the cannery once/month or rent the can sealer. There are soooo many things you can do on your own that the storehouse doesn't have. It's awesome to have use of the can sealer and all the packaging materials right at our finger tips!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the recipe, Melodee.
Heather - what sorts of things do you can so frequently? I would love to hear more about it.

and you are right - we have wonderful resources to close!

Unknown said...

I have a Gering & Son #10 Dry pack canner for sale. It lists for $995.00 new and I will take $550.00 for it. It is 15 years old and still work like new. Please contact Jeff Hunter at jeff18@live.com.


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