Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pruning Party

I wish I had photos of before and after. I can do the after ones, just forgot the before. What was I thinking?!?!

Well, on Tuesday morning - a very rainy Tuesday, I might add - our good neighbor-friend came over and taught my husband and I a few pointers on pruning our trees. Now we will have wonderful apples (barring it doesn't freeze off all the blossoms).

Our trees were going a little wild. They had been pruned before, but were still out of control!

We learned about the vase method and the central leader methods of pruning. Each has advantages and it depends on the tree, I think, which method you choose.

When it quits raining (again today) I'll take some pictures and show you how our trees' branches are supposed to look. It is amazing - they are totally different trees!

This will hopefully get us ready for a wonderful apple harvest and lot of canning this fall. Happy Food Storage...

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Anonymous said...

A pruning party, eh? What a great way to make something typically tedious more fun -- invite your friends!


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