Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring into Summer Open House Party Announcement

Come one, come all - we are having a party! Well, an open house, really. On Tuesday. Tomorrow.

We will have vendors for jewelry, scentsy wickless candles, Dairy Maid Skin Creams, wheat, spelt & flaxseed, and possibly some fun baby accessories. And who knows what else will show up. It is like a mini craft fair... Plus, we will be featuring ME for a quick bread demonstration on rolls and bread type desserts! Who doesn't love bread and dessert in the same sentence?!?

We will also tell you all about the excellent deals on food and you can sign up to receive alerts for our fruit stand - when we get new fruit and excellent deals!

It is going to be fun and casual, so email me at if you want more details (like time and directions).

It will be fun... I am totally excited and getting ready for it today (and tomorrow).


Adrienne said...

I was going to come just for the jewelry lady....hmmm now what?

Jamie said...

I am working on getting some other fun jewelry person to come.


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