Monday, February 22, 2010

Type O Blood - is this you?

So, I had a person telling me about a book called Live Right for Your Type, meaning blood type. I was told that type O blood will be allergic to wheat/gluten and milk - it has to do with an antigen or an antibody reaction in their body. This person eats spelt because it is an "approved" grain to eat as listed in this book.

What do you think? Have you read this book? Have you heard of this type of diet?

Do any of you have type O blood and can verify that this is indeed you? Mostly, I'm just curious... what do you think?

Here is a picture of the book - or in case you need to purchase it... here is it for your convenience.


Lynn said...

My husband and two of my sons are type O blood. No allergies here! In fact, whole wheat bread and milk are high on the list of staples here.

Dacia said...

I am type O blood and I have a wheat sensitivity and I avoid milk. I have learned though that sprouting the grains before makes them easier to digest. Same as cow's milk. If it ultra homogenized it is easier to digest. I never really had problems until I got older. I don't believe in the blood type thing though.

Holly W said...

Everyone in my family of 5 is a type O blood and none of us have any of those allergy's

Thoughts of THAT mom said...

We're all A's here (some Rh -, some +). We have lactose intolerance (4/5) & gluten intolerance (but can tolerate spelt). I only have 1 diagnosis of Celiac. All the rest of us had been off gluten because of the one diagnosed & didn't want to go back on just to get a positive diagnosis.

So no...I don't think it's all "O's"...BUT, I have read some of the food lists from the book & it's pretty accurate to what my family can & cannot eat.

Shriley Australia said...

My husband and I are over 50's and both are type O. My husband suffered from severe flatulance, abdominal pains, constipation and sleeping problems. I have a history of asthma and stomach problems.I have been using the blood group diet for a while now.
Results: both of us have had major improvements in our stomach problems; my husbands flatulence no longer clears the house of people and he is sleeping a lot better; my asthma has improved with my giving up the dairy products.

Anonymous said...

I am type O and have NO food problems, this all sounds kind of "hokey" to me.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is a type O and has celiac disease. She has been intolerant to wheat her whole life.

Kelly said...

My parents and all five of my generation have type O blood. No wheat or milk allergies here. My mom, the only O- in the group, may have developed lactose intolerance in her late 70s.

Pam said...

Husband is type O - Wheat 7 gluten allergies among others. Started using the diet from that book and his health, digestive and otherwise improved greatly.


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