Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chicken Fried Chicken

I never thought I would use whole wheat flour as much as I've been using it lately. Last night I made chicken fried chicken with whole wheat flour. It was DIVINE!!

Oh, you mean I was supposed to take a picture? I devoured it too fast.... oops. It was that good. I felt like I had been to a restaurant and someone else had made it.

Not to say that my cooking is bad - I've just never done fried chicken before, of any variety. But I do love a good chicken fried chicken with a little creamy country gravy.

I've also been using whole wheat flour in my cookies lately. I feel like I can eat more cookies when they have whole wheat goodness in them! (Just what I need - more excuses to eat more cookies!)

Do you use whole wheat flour in your baking/cooking? Frequently or just sometimes or never?

p.s. I'd probably use it more often than I do, but I fresh grind it, and I think grinding can be annoying when I have a sleeping baby close by...


Emilee said...

I grind a bunch and then store it in the freezer--keeps it fresher for use next time.

Kallie said...

i'm not sure i know what chicken fried chicken is. is it just fried chicken with gravy? have i been skimming past it on the local diner menu? don't hate me because i'm ignorant...

Jamie said...

Emilee - great idea... I usually use everything I grind. Somehow, it just works out that way.

Kallie - it is like a good chicken fried steak, only with chicken. Like fried chicken, only better, I think. And you use the chicken breast. I must be partially ignorant, as well, but I know I enjoyed it and I know Applebees or Texas Road House has/had a good chicken fried chicken - and it was HUGE! filled the whole plate! I haven't had it in a while, which is why I can't remember which restaurant....

Christina said...

I just happened upon your blog- which is great because I have just started my food storage in earnest and I have a question that I hope you can help me with, if you don't mind.

In my eagerness to begin my storage, I went to Costco and bought 300 lbs. of flour. I have come to realize that is A LOT of flour, and I am skeptical that I will go through it before it spoils. I have decided storing flour is probably not the best option.

I have a ton of red wheat in storage, but I have been told that only having red wheat in bread is bad for digestion, and therefore having 1/2 red wheat and 1/2 flour is best. Because I do not wish to store flour as stated above, I am wondering if I can store white wheat to replace the flour and therefore avoid the digestion problems?

I bake all of my own bread, and that is primarily what the wheat in storage would be used for.

Do you have any other suggestions about storing wheat that would help me in my food storage voyage? Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

Jamie said...

Check the lastest blog post for some answer - I hope I've answered sufficiently and didn't just ramble. Please tell me if I rambled and you would like more explanation. (You will not hurt my feelings.)
Thanks for the question!


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