Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Food Storage Location Basics

This may seem overwhelming to some, but I wanted to get personal with you today. I'm going to show you MY food storage room. I don't show this to boast. (Although, I do love this room.) *Side note: I also love that I lined the shelves with wallpaper. It feels cleaner.

I show this room to give you an idea of an awesome food storage room. Thanks to the wonderful people who built my house, we have the best fruit/food storage room around.

I understand many people have many different circumstances and living locations and abilities - do what you can with what you have.

The important thing is to have some food storage and to keep your food storage in a dark and cool area in your house or apartment. If at all possible.

If you are building a new home, you probably won't need a room this big, but it is always a good idea, if you have a basement, to have a non-insulated basement (underground) room with no windows. Don't leave this room out. Food storage is so important - and so is having space to store things - many things.

I'm going to tell you about a few things we have stored- as you can see in the pictures:
First, you will see lots of bottles, can and buckets. We store the stuff we like to eat: green beans, pickles, tomatoes, ketchup to start. Applesauce, apple pie filling, pears to name a few more.

The buckets are full of macaroni noodles, rice spelt, and wheat.

The garbage cans hold flour and popcorn.

Notice the bleach containers on the floor? Those store water (like for flushing toilets and washing things.) Drinking water is mostly stored on the top shelf - purchased from the store.

Sugar is of the floor. We have milk from Gossners - the Ultra Heat Treated, Shelf stable stuff. (Tastes great!!) That is in the blue boxes.

Then I have lots of empty bottles/jars. I inherited a lot of them from mother, mother-in-law, aunts... I just never knew how many I needed, so I kept collecting. I think I have enough for a while.

Canning is not a lost art - not yet, anyway.

And last I wanted to show this cool roller shelf thing. It was built by my husband's uncle, and we inherited it. It worked pretty good and holds lots of cans. So many, that we don't even have it filled yet.

So there are some ideas on what to store and maybe how to store them.

Good luck - I love your feedback!


Adrienne said...

That IS a great room. I can't wait to have our house finished so I can have one too (and yes, we did pour a cold storage room)

Jamie said...

Thanks, Adrienne. Good thinking to include a food storage room.

charlene said...

I'm so jealous of your great storage room. We've recently downsized our home, but not our storage? You can imagine how that's working out for me:) Anyway, have finally resolved myself to "living" with it - literally all around. Recently pulled all the books off their shelves and now have 1-2 rows of canned vegetables behind each book. Some of the books hang over the edge a bit, but it's worth it. Storage is also behind and under the beds. One day I may be blessed enough to have a room such as yours:)


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