Monday, June 23, 2008

Water, Water

I know a lot of the midwest is under water. We worry about you who live there.

We, in Idaho, jumped from winter to summer (seriously, snow to 80 degrees) within 10 days time. The temperatures continue to rise and we struggle to keep our crops watered. So, if you don't hear from me for a few days, there is a good chance it is due to water.

I get a lot of questions asking what else we grow besides spelt and wheat. So, here is getting to know us better.

We also grow potatoes (by the way, potatoes really are healthy for you. It is the butter and sour cream that isn't so healthy for you.), seed peas, alfalfa hay, grass hay, hard red wheat, soft white wheat, and sweet corn, and a few cows.

The sweet corn is only about 3 acres that we pick by hand each harvest and sell locally. It usually turns out to be the best sweet corn I've ever had.
Everything else is grown in lots of 20-200 acres. (That is a very rough estimate)

So, there you have it... now you know!

Talk to you again soon.

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