Tuesday, August 12, 2008

7 Layer Salad Recipe

7 layer salad

Would you like to know more? Envision in your head (or click on the link to see the recipe and the picture) that this lovely salad has peas (among other ingredients like waterchestnuts, lettuce, and a special, almost secret dressing).

History: I remember my mom made this salad at Thanksgiving dinner and some say for Christmas, too. I don't remember that part. Just Thanksgiving. It wasn't my favorite salad - ever - while I was growing up. It had too many green vegetables for me and it was a "grown-up" salad. Well, now that I've grown up and given it a second chance, it is really quite good. I enjoy eating and even making it.

I share it because it is one of those yummy pea recipes we like to make that I have been requested to share.

By the way, the link will take you to "The Taste of Joy" a very cute, delicious, and highly recommended food blog. Enjoy! And remember green vegetables are healthy for you! =)

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