Monday, August 25, 2008

Spelt is priced higher because...

Question of the Day:
Why is spelt significantly higher priced than wheat? It's just about the same stuff less the gluten-

Spelt is higher priced because it is much more difficult to harvest. We harvest it the same, but it is still in the head after it goes through the combine, so we have to ship it far away to get it specially "dehulled" (taken out of the grain head) and then bagged and shipped back. And not to mention the fact that because it is hard to harvest, it is hard in turn, to get seed to grow the stuff (which turns out to be expensive to purchase). And not everyone wants to grow spelt because it doesn't have excellent yields like other wheats.

Grain is much easier, you just harvest it though the combine, clean out the chaff, bag it and you are done.

So why do we grow spelt if regular white or red wheat are much easier?

Well, someone has to do it. =)

Does that help?


Unknown said...

Holy cow!! Thanks so much, I had NO idea. However, you should know that I am sooooo glad you do grow it because you just can't get it anywhere where you don't have to pay shipping! (I'm in Idaho Falls and I will come pick mine up!) By the way, how should I plan to get my 600 lbs? Do you bag it in 25-50lb increments?


Jamie said...

We do bag it. We usually do 25 & 50 lb increments. And we have talked about putting it in buckets this year, but are not sure if that will really happen or not.

Heather - are you any relation to Jeanne Everts?


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