Saturday, August 23, 2008

Magic Beans in My Kitchen

I have magic beans. They must be purple bush beans. But they are magic. They grow just like a green string bean should only they are eggplant purple rather than green.

So, I processed them just like normal green beans - snapped them and washed them and prepared them for pressure cooking/canning. Here they are - proof - all pretty and ready to go, all in jars (still purple).

Not until I put boiling hot water in my jars to cover the beans did they even hint that they were normal green beans.
And magically, when they came out of the pressure cooker/canner, they were no longer purple. They were green! Amazing and magical. Turned out I got 14 quarts and all of them sealed.
It makes me really happy when they all seal. I usually have one that doesn't want to seal.
Aren't they pretty? I really enjoy the art of canning. It is a lot of work, but I love admiring and then eating the fruits of my labors. Food tastes better that way.

Does anyone really can (or preserve food) much anymore?


Tyra said...

Did you guys grow corn this year? Is it for sale? I NEED some, and anything else you may need to sell! I NEED to do some canning as well.

Anonymous said...

Now do I have to be envious of your beans too? haha. You are my inspiration. I canned a lot last year, this year my garden was slightly a failure. From my garden I canned tomatoes, salsa, and pickles. I also bought peaches to bottle and made strawberry jam.

I LOVE canning, especially when I find a friend, cousin, mom, etc. to do it with. Girl bonding time!

ourhearts4home said...

I made elderberry jelly last year, that is all I've done till this year. So far I've done corn, pears (whole, sauce and butter), apple sauce and butter, strawberry jam, salsa, pizza sauce, and peaches. I still plan on canning chili. I have a few apples left to can. And after that, who knows... We decided to start canning because of the economy and our health. We eat as healthy as possible and the canned foods in the stores don't offer the best ingredients. I know what I put into these jars! And being able to grow and be given a lot of the produce helps with cost. My hubby says we can't afford not to can, really. And he's been beside me helping prep the foods to can. :) It's been a really fun family event. Even my 2 boys are involved! I heard from local stores that more people are canning this year than ever, they believe it is the economy that is making canning come back.

Becky said...

I love purple bush beans too...they are so much easier to pick because the color stands out from the bush itself.
I can (or have canned) beans, squash, eggplant, peppers, pickles, okra, tomatoes, corn...and peaches, apples, pumpkin, blueberries, figs...and meats: venison, beef, chicken, turkey, goose, rabbit, goat, lamb...and even goat milk!


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