Saturday, November 29, 2008

Treadin' Water & Fats

Does anyone else feel like you are just treading water when it come to keeping up with food storage?

Some people really think I am the expert. I guess, in a way I can be an expert - I have great advice, but right now, I need to follow it better. My three boys are growing and eating SO much more everyday I am starting to wonder if I'll have enough food for the time frame that I'd planned. I can't imagine how it will be when they are in their teenage years! It already seems like the eat all day long. Maybe it will be better because they will be able to make their own food instead of needing my constant supervision for every little thing? But then, they will just inhale more, right?

I think I need to recalculate. Or maybe just start praying for miracles - like that miracle in the Bible where the oil and flour never quite ran out for that lady who shared all that she had - that last cake that was supposed to be for her son.

On another note... I do hope everyone had time to be grateful and celebrate the harvest on that wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I am so grateful {this year, especially} to be able to get together with family and enjoy all the time spent with them. I love being with family.
And I can't wait to decorate for Christmas at my house. Christmas means magic to me.

I am focusing on oils right now. I finally went to WinCo today and decided to finally stock up on oils - I got 4 cooking sprays (big ones), 2 cans of shortening (with no trans fat!) and 1 bottle of canola oil to add to my collection of stored fats already downstairs.
(Does stored fats sound funny to anyone else but me? I'm laughing really hard about it right now.)

By the way - I use the cooking spray oils a LOT in my bread making, so I go through it really fast.

Until later...

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