Thursday, February 19, 2009

February is Potato Lover's Month

Did you know we are potato farmers as well as spelt and grain farmers? It is true. We grow famous Idaho potatoes - the good ones (Burbanks). Yes, there are other varieties, but the Burbank is a good, solid, reputable, all-purpose potato. It will hold up if you are looking to mash, bake, french fry, slice, dice, or use it in a potato gun. (What? Haven't seen those? They are pretty funny.)

Anyway, I wanted to mention how wonderful potatoes are to have in your food storage. Short term storage. I can keep fresh poatoes from early October until about May in my basement. It has a great atmosphere for potatoes - it is quite cool in my fruit room, dark (plus I keep them covered), and dry.

We love to eat potatoes here. Our favorite method, currently, is to eat them as hash browns. We just bake a few extra (or share the big potatoes) and whatever is left over in the morning, we dice up (skins on) and fry them up into hashbrowns - dousing them with lots of ketchup for my family. My boys think that is a fantastic treat!

I have recently discovered a fantastic cheesy potato chicken vegetable soup that is divine! Or baked potato soup is great on a cold day. And a baked potato bar is always delicious. (Hints: top baked potatoes with hamburger stroganof gravy, or cheesy broccoli, or sour cream and bacon bits or chives, or chili, or cheese, or a combination of the above. YUMMY! I'm getting hungry for a baked potato bar.)

So? Check your grocery stores and make sure they have their potato lovers displays up. Find a farmer or a potato warehouse and buy some potatoes! Have a party - serve baked potatoes. It will be fun.

p.s. Have you heard the hype about the Albertsons sales and super savings... check that out soon. There are great deals to be had for stocking up your food storage.

Talk to you again soon.

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