Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Food Storage Binder Give Away

My blog friends over at Food Storage Made Easy have created this cool binder that they are going to give away - actually, they will give away 10 of them! Want to be one of the ten? The rules for entry are on their site: Food Storage Made Easy

It will be the perfect combination of functional and cute, I'm sure. (Knowing them it really will be - wink, wink.)

Here is the list of things they said will be inside the binder:

  • Instructions for how to make it cute and functional, exactly like ours!
  • ALL 26 BabyStep Checklists (no more waiting for the next list!)
  • 100 pages of detailed information about each of the ten BabySteps
  • Our very best posts, handouts, and extra information
  • All the spreadsheets and documents you need to plan your 3 Month and Long Term Food Storage without needing a computer
  • Recipe Appendix including all 33 recipes that we encourage you to try out in the Checklists
  • Sections for additional research and personal notes to be added in
  • Cute cover pages and dividers (because you know we have to make it fun)
I love easy and helpful all in one spot - great idea to get it all in one binder!

Don't forget to enter their give-away before Thursday. Here is their site: FoodStorageMadeEasy.net - and even if you don't win, it is totally worth visiting their site and learning all about their easy tips. Or they will have this awesome binder for sale as a downloadable book.

Check it out at Food Storage Made Easy!

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