Sunday, April 12, 2009

Food Storage Room Make-over!

I updated my fruit room (a.k.a. food storage room) Saturday and today (Monday). I am so happy!! One entire wall was lined with several unused doors, wood scraps, and other random items. And these random items were blocking a couple of feet shelving in the corner that held lots of my empty jars for canning.
To fix it, I used two of the doors as shelves. I used cinder blocks to prop up the bottom shelf and as you can see, I wanted to maximize available space, on both shelves, so I used those shelf hangers (can't think of their real name right now) to hang the upper shelf. This is my new "store" area for my HiStakes-Spelt store inventory, leaving more room on the other shelves for my personal storage!
I am so happy to have maximized more space in my house (especially in this room).
Beneath the first bottom shelf, I have the small boxes of wood scraps so they are still accessible for whatever project we need them for.

And below - enough room to access all of my canning jars in the corner. I love it.
I'm not sure the picture does the space justice, but I'm posting it anyway.

p.s. Sorry there is no "before" picture. I just got ambitious and did it.


Adrienne said...

good work!

Sharlyn said...

well I know what it looked like before, big improvement! Congrats for a project completed. Hmmmmmm......I have several things to complete. Back to work :)


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