Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hooray for Food Storage!

Is anyone getting excited for gardening and harvesting and then canning that food?

I am getting WAY excited! We don't plant much around here for another week or two in our gardens (we live in a colder zone), but I have seeds ready - more things than I usually plant- and I bought lots of canning pamphlets for my friends and neighbors.

We are planning to run a fruit stand this summer here at my house. We will have loads of fruits, and vegetables available for people to eat or bottle or whatever. So, if you don't live in Idaho, I can send you this canning pamphlet (for a minimal fee, of course) - it is my best reference for canning that I have used for years.

There are three pamphlets that I use... one for fruit, one for vegetables, and one for tomatoes. It is easy to read and follow instructions and I refer to it every year to refresh my memory of canning. Plus there is an easy reference table in the back on how to prepare the food and then how long to process each type of food.

I'm getting excited - practically giddy about summer and food, gardening and this fruit stand!
Look forward to out fruit stand....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can feel the excitement all the way in Utah! What a cool way to involve the community with your fruit stand -- you're an excellent resource to your community for canning I'm sure.


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