Monday, November 10, 2008

Clear Jel

Today's Question:
Where do you get Clear Jel for making the pie filling recipes?

I get mine in Rexburg, Idaho at a local health food store. If you want directions, call me (390-0595)
They get a large quantity and then repackage it into smaller quantities - so it is labeled with their own label and packaged into ziploc bags.
I've also gotten it in Logan, Utah at Kitchen Kneads.

I'm working on finding a good source so I can sell it on my HiStakes-Spelt website. Wish me luck on that. My ultimate plan is to have a supply of canning items - bottles, lids, clear jel, the works so I can help all my friends who want to pursue the art of canning. I'll let you know when I find it.


Unknown said...

Thanks Jamie, that's helpful. I actually did go to Wealth of Health down here and they told me to go to Winco (I was just there! and they didn't have it), I wonder if Fred Meyer would have it....? Anyway, if I find it here in town I'll let you know, so your IF readers can find it if they need to.

Anonymous said...

You answer my questions even before I get the chance to ask them ;) I looked and looked for Clear Jel but couldn't find it so I just made a ton of applesauce instead. I hope you can find some to list online. I think we have a Kitchen Kneads down in Salt Lake so I'll have to look there too.

Anonymous said...

I know this thread is old, but it came up when I was searching for Clear Jel myself, so I thought I'd post anyway. Orson Gygi's in Salt Lake on 3500 South 300 West has it in stock, I just called them today! They also sell it on their website! Wish it weren't so hard to find! :)


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