Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Results and first food storage assignment

I've been so tied up in the results of the election, I've forgotten to post!

Now that that is over, maybe I can get on with the rest of the important things in my life.

Have you noticed sales at the grocery stores? I prefer to buy Western Family brand items. I love their taste and quality and especially the price.

November tends to be a baking kind of month, so we will look forward to adding baking items to our food storage this month.

Cake mixes are on sale for $0.69 this week. That is a great price to stock up for the winter
and Cooking Oil is a decent price.

So, this week's assignment - take $10 and stock up on those two items for your food storage - what ever you might need in the quantities you might need. Don't over do it, just get a supply for a few months time. We'll do more soon. If you don't eat cake, you can stock up on oil. (But don't you need a supply for making a birthday cake sometime during the year?)

Happy stocking!

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Unknown said...

Hey Jaime, this is unrelated to this post (although I did get some oil this week- thanks! i have tons of cake mixes.....)

anyway, I can't find clear jell!!! for the apple pie filling, where do you get it? what type of packaging does it come in?



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