Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I have been in craft fair mode for several weeks now. I've done a few already and am now getting ready to do one of the biggest ones in the Idaho Falls area (in Idaho, of course).

So, if you can make it, come see me on Saturday, Nov. 22 at Bonneville High School. I'll be in a hallway somewhere (not the gym) peddling Geneva Springs (Skin Cream) products.

I am looking forward to it. It really is a great craft fair.

p.s. Heather - are you still looking for Clear Jel? I bought some extra if you need it. I got it in Utah last weekend and really, I am working on becoming a vendor for it. (I just found a decent source to work with.)
Let me know - we could meet up at the craft fair.

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Unknown said...

They do have it at the Preparedness store here, I didn't get any tho and I'm leaving town today, returning Dec 1st! So I won't be @ the craft fair- hate to miss it!!!!

How much should it cost? They are charging $16.50 for 64 oz of instant cold and $15.70 for 64 oz of non-instant hot.

So far that's the only vendor here.



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