Monday, November 24, 2008

Upcoming Holiday Wishes

The talk this week is of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Black Friday.

I am very excited for Thanksgiving and getting even more excited about Christmas.
What about you? Are you getting excited? Is it going to be a happy holiday season for you and your family?

I worry about what the economy is doing - I am hoping that my blogging friends find all well during these holidays and that you are all permitted to celebrate as you please.

On a side note, if you need ideas for Christmas gifts, don't forget to check out my favorite websites for bread ingredients and tools for making excellent bread ( and of course there are some great Christmas deals if you need a grain mill or a Bosch - or better yet, a combination of the two!
And then everyone can give/receive the best hand cream I've EVER used in my life! (See I'm working on putting together an excellent holiday special - any suggestions? ;)
I'd love to hear what you would like for Christmas.

Have you noticed that $0.99 a can for large cans of pumpkin is a deal? It is on sale for only a few more days. If you use pumpkin at all and didn't bottle it yourself this year, you might want to check that out.

Otherwise, I've been trying to restock my personal supply of yeast (I like to keep at least 2 one pound bricks of SAF yeast on the shelf) and other bread making ingredients (such as dough enhancer and honey).

Happy Shopping...

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Tyra said...

where is it on sale at> The pumpkin of course?


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