Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Food Storage like Laundry? Perhaps.

I just read an article how food storage is like laundry. A lady named Melanie Cooper says this,
"Years ago I began storing food for our family truly believing I would someday be done. I have since learned that food storage is like laundry. You may catch up from time to time but the task is never truly finished. If left undone for too long the task becomes seemingly insurmountable."
That is so true. It is a truly never-ending task that keeps growing and is a completely ongoing thing.
She also comments that the most successful families who keep up with food storage - even if there is only you in your family - are the ones that store what they eat.

If there are wheat or gluten allergies in your family, it does not make sense to store wheat. You might try spelt or you may need extra rice. If you are lactose intolerant or have milk allergies, soybeans may be smarter to store so you can make your own soymilk or other soy products. And so on with other allergies you or your family may have. Store what you eat and adapt from the recommendations. Because that is what they are - recommendations and a great starting point to give you an idea on what to store.

In case you have forgotten, or are just joining us, here is my favorite food storage calculator to get those recommendations: http://lds.about.com/library/bl/faq/blcalculator.htm


Hannah said...

This blog looks really interesting - I'm always wondering what's really going on with wheat and all that. And food storage is so overwhelming - yet so important.


Jamie said...

Hannah, thanks for checking us out. I enjoyed your blog. It think we are working along the same lines - food storage is overwhelming, but you just have to be prepared, so we will not fear. I look forward to learning more from you, too.

Jodi said...

I love the analogy! It helps me to not be so overwhlemed


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