Friday, July 11, 2008

Spelt Growth and Store Food Beautifully

Fellow Bloggers,

I have not abandoned you. I have been enjoying some family time. And now I am back...

We were gone a few days and it is always amazing how things grow when you go away and come back. Wheat and potatoes are bigger (yeah!) And of course, the spelt has grown. Here is the progress over the last little while.

We have heads, we call that "heading out" and they are looking good, so far.

More spelt is on its way to fulfill your storage needs. Get room prepared for when it is harvested.

This is what the spelt berries look like at this stage of growth:

While we were gone, we visited family. And took some pictures of one great way to store food.
Check this out... most of the time, this is how this nightstand looks: nice table, lace, tablecloth, glass cover, hat box and lamp.

If you decide to be nosy, you will find this:
This is a plastic garbage can full of wheat or rice, I forget which, but you would never know it just to look at it. I'm sure you don't have to have all the lace and frills, if that isn't your thing, I'm sure you could do something similar... have you any ideas or have you done this kind of thing?

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Jodi said...

So I am trying to figure out exactly what spelt is! I am starting to build my own food storage and researching it as much as I can. Does spelt replace wheat? Or do you store them both? Any info would be great!

Jamie said...

Great question. Yes, spelt can replace wheat - especially if you or your family has allergies.
My family does not have wheat allergies, so I store both spelt and wheat (a mixture of hard red and hard white wheat).
I'll write a post on it so that we can share more information with all... thanks for asking!


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