Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Pioneer Day & Soap

Pioneer Day
Today, we celebrate Pioneer Day and the Pioneers crossing the country and settling in the west. It has also been a busy week with several family reunions. I hope you are all busy as well, and just wanted to give you a little insight into my life. July is a busy time of year...

Laundry Soap
I have been thinking a lot about food storage. The other day, you'll never believe it! I went to do laundry and had NO laundry soap anywhere in the house. Somehow, it had all magically, mystically disappeared. I had a few months stocked up, so I thought. So, now I need to focus on restocking my laundry soap. Good thing my sister-in-law bailed me out - she has her supply of laundry soap stocked up and ready for anything.

We were also talking, after the laundry soap thing, that some of the most necessary things are going to be things to keep up with your personal hygiene. Deodorant, shampoo, soap, laundry soap, dishwashing or just dish soap.

As I talk to people, they end up using their food storage during economic "crisis" times, when someone lost a job or during other financial troubles. If you have your food and personal hygiene storage, you will be able to survive for a little bit longer on what you have.

So, don't forget the little things as you stock up and work on that storage.

I think I'll start a new poll - here on the side of the blog... please help me fill it out and determine how much personal stuff we need for 3 months, and then for 1 year. I would love some help with this. I am having a hard time deciding how much toothpaste, and deodorant I need to stock up on.

What do you think?


Adrienne said...

shoulda' pulled out your baking soda. Doesn't that work for laundry? It works for toothpaste and cleaning too right? I could be thinking of something else. You should research other uses for things and let us know what you find out. Baking soda is super cheap!

Jodi said...

We don't go through this type of thing very fast. I'm planning on having one extra of each item on hand for my 3 month supply. Then once I've got that for each item I will just times it by 4 for my year supply.


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