Thursday, July 31, 2008

Recipe Ideas for Peas

Just so you know, my husband LOVES, and I mean LOVES peas. So he is worrying that we don't have enough yet. I might be watching more movies and shelling lots more peas... we'll see if they are getting too old yet.

Today's Question:
Do you have any extra yummy recipes you use with your peas? Or do you just nuke them and add butter?

A lot of times, we just nuke (microwave) the peas and add a little butter and salt.

For something more creative than that? Try my secret to a great salad that could otherwise present itself as boring? Add peas. Just run the frozen peas under cool water so they thaw, and throw them into your salad. I dress up mandarin chicken salads this way, as well as plain old chef salad, dinner/lettuce salad, macaroni salad, 7 layer salad.... oh and don't forget just plain old pea salad. Yumm!
My other secret ingredients to a great salad? Almond slices and bacon bits (depending on the salad).

I'm making myself hungry thinking about all the ways I use peas. Anybody want to have a pea salad party?
My other favorite way to use them is either on the side or on top of fettuccine alfredo.

Anybody need the recipes? or are you getting the idea?


Brooke said...

Have you ever tried my mom's creamed peas and potatoes? (or creamed peas and cauliflour) She cooks the potatoes (red) until tender, then adds the peas last. She makes a white gravy and puts it over all. This is so good, we always plan on it for holidays.

Jamie said...

I love creamed peas and potatoes! Especially when both the peas and potatoes are fresh and new.

We also use red potatoes (or russet burbanks) cook with just enough water to cover them, and cook until tender. Then add evaporated milk until it looks creamy, salt and pepper to taste and at least 1 Tablespoon of butter. Add a tiny bit of flour/water mixture to thicken (doesn't take much), then add peas. Cook for just a few more minutes until the peas are done and enjoy!

Thanks for the reminder, Brooke. Both are great recipes - I just thought I'd expound on the gravy part a little more on the one I shared.


Jamie said...

p.s. I also have added bacon bits to that recipe. YUMMM! Thinking about it makes my mouth water! I need to go eat.


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