Thursday, August 21, 2008

Spelt Harvest

The long awaited time has arrived. We started slowly harvesting spelt. Our first load has been transported far away to be cleaned and packaged. If you are anxiously awaiting and have signed up on my list (, you will be alerted when it is on its way back. The time is coming!

I've taken a few pictures to share with you the beauty of Idaho havest time...

This is one of our wheat fields that makes me sing "America The Beautiful" as it turns from green to amber! I love watching the grain ripen and change colors.
This is actually spelt. This part is about ready for harvest!
And here we are - havesting. The combine just went past, the guys are making sure it is thrashing right, and we are in business for harvesting. I love havest in Idaho.

And just to add to the mood, this was our sunset tonight

Happy harvesting!

p.s. If I'm not such a faithful blogger in the next little while, it is because I am out driving a combine. I will catch up as soon as my employer will let me have a break. ;)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm enthralled by all you do.

Erin said...

What beautiful pictures! I bet you see a lot of stuff during your long hours. Good luck with the harvest.

Jamie said...

Why, thank you. We love to go out and ride on the combine with dad. He hasn't needed my help yet, so I haven't helped much - other than making lunch and running for parts when I can. My husband would say that is a lot of help (and keeping the boys out of his way).
Anyone want to come visit the harvest season in Idaho?

Unknown said...

Love the pics!!! Idaho is indeed a great State to live in.

I do want to be sure sure sure I'm on the spelt list. I will be ordering 5-600 lbs and my Mom is wanting about 1,000 lbs. My email is

Also, why is spelt significantly higher priced than wheat? It's just about the same stuff less the gluten-


Jamie said...

Heather, in case you are getting responses to comments, I posted a response to your question. Just go to to see the reason spelt is priced higher.

Jamie said...

p.s. Heather, you are on my spelt list. I just double checked.


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