Friday, July 25, 2008

Food Storage Crisis & Peas


I am living in "food storage crisis mode." Meaning, I am living off of my food storage as much as possible and don't buy much at the grocery store other than fresh fruits/vegetables and fresh dairy products. It happens to many, if you are prepared, things go a little easier.

Now What?

So, since I don't really have the resources to build much of a food storage, I at least am trying to maintain having at least one or two extra of the things I store. For example, small cans of fruit or vegetables that don't cost much, I try to maintain at least 5 extra on a good week (if I run out of what I have stored). For oils and things that last a little longer, I try to maintain at least one extra (or two if I find a good sale).

In the End

If you are also in crisis mode, I understand. I've been there lots. Hang in there and do what you can, and know you can confide in me, if you find you need someone who understands. Just do your best, and hopefully that will be enough.

p.s. I am freezing peas. I love frozen peas and our crop was a good one this year, so I am filling my freezer with as many peas as I can pick and shell. Does anyone else freeze or can (bottle) peas?

Recipe for freezing peas:
Pick peas
Shell peas
Wash peas
Boil water. Dump in peas. Cook for 3 minutes in boiling water. Remove from boiling water and immediately cool in cold water (in a sink?). Place peas in freezer safe ziploc bags. Squish air out of bags and seal. Write year on bags (for proper rotation purposes). Place bags in freezer. Done.

Easy. One tip: use strainers for cooking and cooling your peas. You will have less peas that try to escape.

Now I'm off to do my peas...


Jodi said...

I think I'm the only person I know who had her peas fail this year. Mine just got too dried out and I got NOTHING!

I have GOT to get my irrigation system in to my garden in time for next season...

Jamie said...

Just so you know, I FINALLY got my irrigation system going on my lawn just a few weeks ago. Now, my garden is about the only place I have to place a hose.

Would you like to know my secret? I cheat. My husband is a farmer and grows peas (among other things), so he really grows most of them. We just eat fresh whatever I can grow in the garden. (Which isn't much.) Mine got a little bit of a late start this year, so my peas from my garden haven't even come on.

Too bad we don't live closer...

Jodi said...

Sorry i posted about my pathetic peas on BOTH your pea posts. Haha. I must be really depressed about them.

Jodi said...

Oh that is hilarious! I like your confession. Sorry to post again i just now saw your response. haha.


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